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11 September 2023 - Galahad is Back!


How many times have I changed publication deadlines? Surely nobody would take on such an unreliable writer! Writer of excuses, well, definitely! So, for the umpteenth time I have changed the timescales for publication - see the 7 September blog below. I make no apologies.


It has been a rather unproductive period since the start of the COVID lockdown. Whilst many budding new authors set off on their journey, Galahad came to a near halt! The Lucy novel requires an effective rewrite and that has not been completed. A number of short stories were developed and submitted for competitions but with no luck!


So why hasn't there been any progress? Surely with lockdown there was lots of time to write, wasn't there?


Every author has their own approach to when/where/how they write. That's all part of the creative process. Two other things are also important: getting into the zone and maintaining momentum.


Lockdown completely disrupted my routine: having a partner around all day; the TV on earlier as the main source of entertainment; not getting out enough - a lot of my original ideas have come when travelling! The biggest problem was relocating back to Menston near Ilkley. The house and garden needed a total makeover. I constantly had contactors around with the related distractions.


The main thing I do need is my own writing space, with no disturbances. There was a small room in the loft which I looked at adapting. It had two side walls, one of which seemed to block off most of the roof area. I had presumed it was covering unusable space. Curiosity led me to make a small opening in the wall. To my great surprise and delight behind the wall was a large open, empty void! This inspired a loft conversion and another 12 months of disruption. But now Galahad has his personal writing and hangout space. Although there are still a few decorating jobs to be done, the worst is over. So now I can try get back into a routine and the momentum will build and see me through! 



At last somewhere to escape and write!



7 September 2023 - Office Relocation & Yet Another Revised Publication Timetable!


At last the Galahad office relocation and renovation work is nearly finished! It's now possible to give revised timings for publication. A lot has, and has not, been happening which will be addressed in The Blog and on social media shortly!


The Lucy novel draft continues to need rewriting. That will be the priority over the next few months. It is planned to send a draft out to agents later this year. Publication is targeted for late 2024.


The Trilogy Parts 1-3 drafts should start to become available from late 2024. Publication is planned from 2026. If there is demand for them, the Prequel could be available in 2027 and the Part 4 Series in 2028.



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