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Galahad Porter is a UK based writer of fiction novels and short stories.   


He released his debut novel titled At Reception in September 2017. Set in a hotel lobby, it is the story of hotel receptionist Sally. At Reception is showcased by The People's Book Prize for the summer 2018 collection. The book is published and marketed by Troubador Publishing Ltd, United Kingdom. 


He is currently writing a novel about pregnant bar worker Lucy. Like At Reception, the novel is a spin off from a thriller trilogy series he is writing. The novel about Lucy is due for release in 2024. The first part of the trilogy should be available from 2026.


'I am enjoying the process, it's brain stretching and intellectually enlightening! Writing fiction is always a massive project. The amount of research needed to be both accurate and credible is daunting. Starting writing a trilogy is like diving off the deep end... exhilarating... but it's necessary to ensure continuity and accuracy of time lines for this type of publication.  Having completed writing At Reception, I have the confidence that I will see this through!'


He previously published non-fiction under the name Andrew D. Porter. Pharmaceutical Equities: Evaluation and Trading in 1993 and Valuing Pharmaceutical Companies with Karen Beynon in 2000. Both published by Woodhead Publishing Limited, United Kingdom.

Galahad Porter is the pen name for Andrew D. Porter for the purpose of publishing his fiction novels and short stories. As there are already books published by people with the same or similar names a change was needed. Galahad is derived from the bird, the Galah, and A D Porter.  

Mr Porter was born, studied and worked in the UK. He subsequently lived and travelled in many different parts of the world. He is a member of The Society of Authors.






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