Fictional Character Descriptions




Here you will find summary descriptions of the main fictional characters created by Galahad Porter for his forthcoming thriller trilogy.


All the characters are fictional and not based on any living, dead or fictional person or character. Any similarities to such are purely coincidental.


Some of the characters also appear briefly in the debut novel At Reception, for more information on this novel click here. Some also appear in the next Galahad Porter novel about pregnant bar worker Lucy. Click on the website links to find out more about each character.


Sally at reception                 At Reception, trilogy           


Sally is a hotel receptionist and the lead character in At Reception.


John Shedfield                     At Reception, trilogy           


John is manager of guest relations on a cruise ship. He meets Sally at the hotel in which she works and tries to date her. 


Dr Elana Karlsen                 At Reception, trilogy           


Elana Karlsen is a medical researcher who stays at the hotel in At Reception ahead of joining the cruise ship.


Brandon Menston              At Reception, trilogy            


Brandon is a lead character in the trilogy series. He makes a brief appearance in At Reception


Dr Steven Hobart                 At Reception, trilogy           


Steven Hobart is a medical researcher. He stays at the hotel in At Reception with his two daughters ahead of joining the cruise ship.


Lucy (Lucia) Conti                 Lucy novel, trilogy                 


Lucy was born in the USA, but brought up by her mother in Italy as Lucia Conti. She chose to be called Lucy when she returned to the USA to attend university. Lucy is single and pregnant and in addition to the novel about her, is a character in the trilogy series. The early part of the novel follows her decision making in relation to the unborn child. 


Gerald Akkad                         Lucy novel, trilogy               


Gerald Akkad is the single father of Peter, Mark and Daniel. He is the head of this close knit family. He also has an estranged son Samuel. The trilogy is centered on the issues surrounding his main medical project.



Peter Akkad                           Lucy novel, trilogy                 


Peter is the eldest son of Gerald. 


Mark Akkad                            Lucy novel, trilogy                 


Mark is the second oldest son of Gerald. 


Daniel Akkad                        At Reception, trilogy               


Daniel is the second youngest son of Gerald. He makes a cameo appearance in At Reception where he is organising the cruise ship guests. 


Samuel Akkad                               trilogy                            


Samuel is the estranged youngest son of Gerald.


Grant Mag Raith                     Lucy novel, trilogy                


Grant lives in New York but decides to become a survivalist in the US contryside.  


Dr Miko Yoshida                            trilogy                             


Miko is a university lecturer who is a friend of Brandon. 


Warble the cat                          Lucy novel, short stories     


Warble is a black short haired cat with yellow eyes and a rainbow coloured collar



Other characters will be added to this list subject to interest from readers!










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© Andrew David Porter 2015-2024. All the places and characters created by Galahad Porter are fictional. Locations are not based on real places, characters are not based on any living, dead or fictional person or character. Any similarities to such are purely coincidental.