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At Reception selected showcased by The People's Book Prize!



The Galahad Porter debut novel At Reception is a tale of self-discovery and transformation. It's the story of Sally, a hotel receptionist. Set at the desk in a hotel lobby it follows Sally over three days at work.


 At Reception was selected to be showcased by The People's Book Prize for the summer 2018 collection. For more information on the prize visit The link to the At Reception page is


When Sally arrives at work at 7am she sees a young girl, Lily, standing alone in the middle of the lobby floor. This sets off a flood of memories and thoughts that will change her single life forever.


As a receptionist Sally has to be nice to everyone. She accepts orders from management whatever her thoughts and needs. In seeking to deal with her personal issues she finds herself in a lonely world of her own making. Suffering psychological stress, unsupported and untreated she chooses to live alone.


Each day is a series of short interactions with guests and staff. The guests provide the basis of a series of short stories which intertwine through the book over the three days.


Sensitised by Lily, Sally's interactions with the guests increasingly challenge her long held opinions and self-image. Written in first person, the reader gets to see the world of hotel reception exclusively from Sally's perspective. The reader experiences what Sally really thinks in parallel with the conversations she has with guests at the desk.


At Reception is contemporary adult fiction and contains some adult themes and language.


At the end of the book some website blog articles are reproduced as At Reception - The Journey. They chronicle the tortuous process of writing At Reception. Getting an insight into the evolution of the writer is, hopefully, as interesting as the novel itself!


At Reception is available as a paperback book from bookstores and retailer websites. It is also available as an ebook in several leading formats. The book is published and marketed by Troubador Publishing Ltd, United Kingdom.




It is also hoped that At Reception will be adapted for stage. Click here for the stage play details.


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Note: All the characters created by Galahad Porter are fictional and not based on any living, dead or fictional person or character. Any similarities to such are purely coincidental. Image © Dave Hill 2017.







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