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Here you will find links to pages telling you more about the main fictional characters & locations created by Galahad Porter for his forthcoming thriller trilogy. Some of the characters also appear briefly in the debut novel At Reception, which is now available as a paperback and ebook. A number also feature in the forthcoming Galahad Porter novel about pregnant bar worker Lucy.


All the characters created by Galahad Porter are fictional and not based on any living, dead or fictional person or character. Any similarities to such are purely coincidental.


Click here for a brief summary of  the main characters. Websites have been created for some of the lead characters, click on the links below for individual character description pages. NOTE: These have limited content until publication of each novel.


        Name                                       Novels                                              Website                    

Sally at reception                At Reception, trilogy            

John Shedfield                    At Reception, trilogy            

Dr Elana Karlsen                At Reception, trilogy            

Brandon Menston               At Reception, trilogy                      www.brandonmenston,com

Dr Steven Hobart                At Reception, trilogy            

Lucy (Lucia) Conti                Lucy novel, trilogy              

Gerald Akkad                       Lucy novel, trilogy              

Peter Akkad                         Lucy novel, trilogy              

Mark Akkad                          Lucy novel, trilogy              

Daniel Akkad                        At Reception, trilogy           

Samuel Akkad                               trilogy                        

Grant Mag Raith                   Lucy novel, trilogy              

Dr Miko Yoshida                            trilogy                        

Warble the cat                      Lucy novel, short stroies    




Bar 2BC                               Lucy novel, trilogy              


Other characters and locations will be added to this list subject to interest from readers!



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© Andrew David Porter 2015-2024. All the places and characters created by Galahad Porter are fictional. Locations are not based on real places, characters are not based on any living, dead or fictional person or character. Any similarities to such are purely coincidental.