Fictional Locations



Here you will find a summary of the main fictional locations and places created by Galahad Porter for his forthcoming thriller trilogy. Click on the link for a fuller description.


All the locations, places, business enterprises etc are fictional and not based on any existing or formerly existing place, location or business. Any similarities to such are purely coincidental.




Bar 2BC                                     Lucy novel, trilogy        


Bar 2BC is the setting for the forthcoming novel about pregnant bar worker Lucy.



An unamed hotel                      At Reception, trilogy


Sally in At Reception works in an as yet unnamed hotel. More details may come as to its location and name in the first book of the trilogy.







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© Andrew David Porter 2015-2024. All the places and characters created by Galahad Porter are fictional. Locations are not based on real places, characters are not based on any living, dead or fictional person or character. Any similarities to such are purely coincidental.