Bar 2BC


Fictional location created by writer Galahad Porter





Bar 2BC is a fictional bar in Brooklyn, NY. It was originally a traditional pub founded by a white witch as the 'Two Black Cats and Broomstick'. The latest owner decided to modernise the bar, which became all marble and glass, and has a bright blue neon sign in the long glass frontage declaring it as 'Bar 2BC'.


Set in a building owned by the powerful Akkad empire, naive newly pregnant Italian Lucy Conti has accepted a job offer as a bar worker. Little does she know the peril she is in. The forthcoming novel about Lucy is centred around the bar and its customers and covers five crucial days in her life. The new novel from Galahad Porter is planned to be published in 2021.


Appears in: Lucy novel, trilogy



All the locations, places, business enterprises etc are fictional and not based on any existing or formerly existing place, location or business. Any similarities to such are purely coincidental.











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